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Although it was already postponed due to COVID, Stephie and Franz could at least have a wedding with light restrictions in June 2021. None of that mattered at that day and nothing could take away her joy. It has always been her dream to say “yes” in the mountains, with a small circle of her family. 

As a wedding photographer, the story of the two has totally captivated me; it is nice to be able to get a little look behind the scenes of my couples.

I was waiting for them in Zell am Ziller, where the civil wedding ceremony took place. For those who were not allowed to be in the hall, a live broadcast was started, thank God technology makes the world a little smaller nowadays!

Alpine wedding in the chalet with a view of the Zillertal mountains

After the ceremony, we went to Kaltenbach, where a chalet was rented. The bride’s mom already prepared Nigerian food in the morning to enjoy after the ceremony. But first, the couple was congratulated and Stephie and Franz enjoyed their first dance as a married couple, for which Stephie wore a beautiful original Nigerian wedding dress that she had received from her family there.

Unfortunately, more and more clouds were rising, but we still managed to get through the couple photo shoot dry. For this purpose, we only went a few meters downhill where we had discovered an alpine hut, which was perfect for the pictures.

Later everyone sat comfortably together while eating. I was also invited and absolutely enjoyed the exotic food as well as the time with such great people.

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